Pearson Edexcel A Level Chemistry Student Book (Y1 and Y2)

Pearson Edexcel A Level Chemistry Student Book (Y1 and Y2)

ISBN: 9781510469990
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Didactic Units
  • Cover & Book Title
  • Contents
  • Prior knowledge
  • 1 Atomic structure and the Periodic Table
  • 2 Bonding and structure
  • 3 Redox I
  • 4 Inorganic chemistry and the Periodic Table
  • 5 Formulae, equations and amounts of substance
  • 6.1 Introduction to organic chemistry
  • 6.2 Hydrocarbons_ alkanes and alkenes
  • 6.3 Halogenoalkanes and alcohols
  • 7 Modern analytical techniques I
  • 8 Energetics I
  • 9 Kinetics I
  • 10 Equilibrium I
  • 11 Equilibrium II
  • 12 Acid–base equilibria
  • 13.1 Lattice energy
  • 13.2 Entropy
  • 14 Redox II
  • 15 Transition metals
  • 16 Kinetics II
  • 17.1 Chirality
  • 17.2 Carbonyl compounds
  • 17.3 Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  • 18.1 Arenes – benzene compounds
  • 18.2 Amines, amides, amino acids and proteins
  • 18.3 Organic synthesis
  • 19 Modern analytical techniques II
  • Appendix
  • Index
  • The Periodic Table of Elements

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